Public Art

Check our local art by Russell Sheridan, Drew Straker, Ian Mutch, Peter Zappa, Melski McVee & Jack Bromell.

“Surrounded I See” by Melski McVee

Our local Vasse community took part in the painting of this huge mural in October 2018.

Inspired by her love of native flora and fauna, McVee created the mural to showcase various rare and endangered native wildlife.


Can you spot the Pink-Eared Duck, Western Ring-Tail Possum, Red Flowering Gumtree and Monarch Butterfly?

To find them, just look to the wall adjacent from the Coles Vasse carpark.

“Water View” by Peter Zappa

Did it burst through the waterpipes? This bright, colourful fish makes you feel like you’re watching a fish swim underwater.

“Water View” was made by Perth-based artist Peter Zappa. Peter was inspired by Vasse’s coastal location feels “water, sun and fishing are synonymous with the region”.

You can find our fish on the eastern side of Vasse Village, at the corner of Napoleon Promenade and Birak Lane. It’s on the side of Vasse Bakery.

The Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo by Jack Bromell

You can’t miss Jack’s massive Black Cockatoo mural at the start of the Vasse Village Arcade. It’s directly opposite Coles, above the Magpie Cafe.

Jack spent most of his childhood in Busselton, so he naturally tends to feature local SW nature. The Black Cockatoo features his renowned, intricate linework.

This artwork is complemented by paintings of magpies and kangaroo paws along the Napoleon Promenade streetscape.

Timothy Vasse Sculpture by Russell Sheridan

This local SW artist has a warm, hilarious personality that shines through into his art. He loves portraying the Australian larrikin and his work is innovative, humorous and warm.

Russell’s prominent sculpture of Timothy Vasse can be found on the corner of Napoleon Promenade and Northerly Street.

Drew Straker Goes True Neon

This Perth based street/graffiti artist is best known for art that looks like a neon light. But what’s intriguing, is that his art is usually created using just fluorescent spray paint and a clever technique.

So, it was only a matter of time before someone asked him to create an artwork that actually used neon lights.

Well, we didn’t want it to fade, did we!

Look Up

When you’re walking through the Vasse Village arcade, it’s definitely worth looking up. Within the ceiling, you’ll see some glass light-boxes displaying the artwork of local resident artist, Ian Mutch.

During the day, it’s also worth looking down to see the effect as the direct sunlight shines through the small sections of clear glass in artwork.

Ian’s piece showcases local Peppi and Marri trees, with subtle sketched birds and fauna integrated within. Mutch says he is inspired by his South West upbringing, “surrounded by wild landscapes, animals and patterns.” As a result, his work often reflects his appreciation of local nature.

Vasse is a really good community and it feels safe to live in. ”
Vasse Resident