Spotlight On Sustainability

If you’ve bought a block in Vasse, you know sustainable and efficient building design is encouraged when you build your home. But did you know that there’s numerous sustainability initiatives implemented throughout Vasse Estate?

Preserving Trees

Our beautiful Nature Playground was specially designed around existing trees, preserving their natural beauty and providing shade for the park.

Vasse Village is also home to four significant trees preserved for entry statements. Two huge Norfolk Pines were saved from demolition during construction of the new City of Busselton council buildings. These substantial trees were then transplanted into the roundabouts at either end of Napoleon Promenade, providing beautiful green landmarks within the Village.

Two Flametrees that surrounded an original farmhouse on the Coles Express and McDonald’s sites were stored for a number of years during construction of the Village. They were then relocated along the Bussell Highway entry to the Village.

Recycling Natural Materials

In each stage of construction, significant consideration is given to recycling and reusing materials wherever possible.

Those beautiful caprock medians in Vasse Village and the main entry boulevards of Dawson Estate? They’re made from rock harvested during construction of sites in the Village and Dawson Estate.

In our Nature Playground, fallen or dead trees were recycled into climbing obstacles.

EnviroDevelopment Certification

Vasse Estate is also the first development in the South West to receive EnviroDevelopment certification, recognising sustainable development initiatives.

EnviroDevelopment is a scientifically based assessment scheme. It was developed by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), who independently reviews projects.

Developments are certified if they achieve outstanding performance across one or more of these elements

  • Ecosystems
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Materials
  • Water
  • Community.

Vasse Estate received certification for the Ecosystems and Community sustainability initiatives.

Ecosystem Certification

The Ecosystems certification recognises Vasse’s consideration of aquatic ecosystems, landform, flora and fauna. This recognises initiatives such as:

  • Vasse wetland rehabilitation
  • Collaboration with local groups such as Geocatch and their BayOK garden designs
  • Native plant selection for fauna habitats.

Community Certification

Community certification was received for initiatives including

  • Community consultation, like our recent satisfaction survey
  • Access to local employment – in both the Business Park and Vasse Village
  • Heritage protection and preservation, such as the re-development of the Wadandi Track and incorporation of Vasse’s diverse history in artworks and plaques throughout the Village.

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