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Lot Release Frontage Land Size Price
142Stage 5A12.5m400m2$173,000View Lot
143Stage 5A12.5m400m2$173,000View Lot
152Stage 5A15m471m2$203,000View Lot
153Stage 5A17m529m2$218,000View Lot
154Stage 5A15m480m2$198,000View Lot
155Stage 5A15m480m2$198,000View Lot
159Stage 5A15m330m2$162,000View Lot
160Stage 5A17m369m2$174,000View Lot
161Stage 5A15m480m2$198,000View Lot
166Stage 5A7.5m229m2$142,000View Lot
167Stage 5A12.5m405m2$173,000View Lot
168Stage 5A12.5m411m2$174,000View Lot
175Stage 5A15m450m2$192,000View Lot
176Stage 5A17m510m2$205,000View Lot
177Stage 5A15m450m2$192,000View Lot
178Stage 5A12.5m375m2$170,000View Lot
179Stage 5A12.5m375m2$170,000View Lot
182Stage 5A15m330m2$162,000View Lot
183The Siding15.02m326m2$160,000View Lot
184The Siding12.5m375m2$174,000View Lot
185The Siding12.5m375m2$174,000View Lot
470The Siding15m420m2$182,000View Lot
471The Siding15m415m2$180,000View Lot
476The Siding18m571m2$215,000View Lot
482Stage 5A7.5m236m2$146,000View Lot

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