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Lot Release Frontage Land Size Price
673Stage 6A7.5m225m2$177,000View Lot
590Stage 6A7.5m225m2$179,000View Lot
658Stage 6A7.5m225m2$179,000View Lot
599Stage 6A12.5m375m2$210,000View Lot
619Stage 6A12.5m375m2$213,000View Lot
671Stage 6A15m370m2$215,000View Lot
656Stage 6A12.5m375m2$217,000View Lot
672Stage 6A15m375m2$217,000View Lot
614Stage 6A12.74m391m2$235,000View Lot
600Stage 6A15m450m2$238,000View Lot
578Stage 5B 216.59m470m2$242,000View Lot
594Stage 6A15m446m2$243,000View Lot
719Stage 6A16m480m2$245,000View Lot
592Stage 6A15m450m2$245,000View Lot
597Stage 6A15m450m2$245,000View Lot
625Stage 6A15m450m2$245,000View Lot
606Stage 6A15m491m2$253,000View Lot
596Stage 6A17m505m2$265,000View Lot
624Stage 6A17m510m2$265,000View Lot
525Stage 5B 217.5m552m2$267,000View Lot
613Stage 6A13.29m472m2$267,000View Lot
604Stage 6A14.5m530m2$274,000View Lot
548Stage 5B 217.5m569m2$279,000View Lot
605Stage 6A15.33m542m2$279,000View Lot
622Stage 6A18m591m2$295,000View Lot
612Stage 6A17.5m563m2$299,000View Lot

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