Vasse Resident Interview Series – Lia Beard

Lia Beard is a true Vasse local, having attended Vasse Primary School when it was surrounded by paddocks and kangaroos.

She’s watched Vasse grow and develop.  She’s seen the growth of all the shops, homes and parks.  But having a strong rural background, what does she think of the development?

Lia says “Coming off a farm, I didn’t think I’d like neighbours.  But I really enjoy living in Vasse.  There’s a lot of young families and the parks are really nice.” 

“We are having a baby so it’s ideal that schools and supermarkets are walking distance to our home.  It’s really nice not to have to drive into Busselton for anything – especially in the busy periods.  Having the Coles, pharmacy, doctors and other shops is so handy. Everything you need is right here.”  

“It feels really safe and we have a lot of friends that live in Vasse. There’s always lots of kids running around and playing, which is nice for us having our first child. Plus I can always find a park and I can walk to everything I need.”

Investing In Their Future

Lia and her partner Adam are now expecting their first child and building their second home in Vasse. This latest home is a bigger house, on a bigger block that will better suit their growing family.

In a wise financial move, they plan to keep their first house as an investment property.  With high rental demand and good returns, Lia and Adam hope that keeping the house will help them retire earlier.

As is common in the South West right now, Lia didn’t even need to advertise the home.  They kindly rented to friends, who needed a place to live with their new baby.  With $420/week in rental income from their first home, they can retain both homes and secure their future.

Moving From Busselton

Whilst Lia was a Vasse local, her partner Adam was originally from Busselton.

“It wasn’t hard to convince him to move here,” noted Lia. “He looked at Vasse and loved it straight away.  He likes the same things as me. The young community, lots of parks and plenty of trees. It doesn’t feel like a tightly packed estate.”

Lia also commented how easy it is to travel for their work (Lia being a nurse and Adam a refrigeration mechanic). “It’s only 10 mins to our work. It’s just straight up the bypass to work in Busselton.”

Lia obviously tells all her friends and relatives about Vasse, as her brothers are now building here too!

If you’d like to find out more about living in Vasse Estate, get in touch with our friendly sales team on 08 9755 8234 or check out our land for sale here.

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