Resident Interview – Michelle from Victoria

Michelle is a very warm and friendly woman, currently running a hospitality business in Victoria.  She had wanted to buy an investment property for her superannuation that she could later retire to, so how and why did she end up buying in Vasse?  Michelle tells her story below.

“My son moved to WA 15 years ago and I’ve been visiting him 2-3 times a year ever since (outside of COVID-19 issues). When driving back to his place one day, I saw the signs that you can build in Vasse for $280,000.  I can’t buy a block in Melbourne for that price, and that was a block AND a house!”

A Satisfying Investment

Michelle built a 3 x 1 for $305,000 and currently rents the property out. 

“In comparison to Victorian property prices, WA rent returns are high. I get $20 a week less rent than I would over here in Melbourne, but the whole package cost me so much less.”

“I’m very happy with the investment. I have another investment in Busselton in Kittyhawk Grove and this one in Vasse is much, much better – in terms of both rent and property value increase.”

The estimated market value of the rental return on a similar 3×2 property is currently $430 to $450 per week.

Loving The Community Feel

Michelle’s son and grandchildren now live in Vasse, but they may not be there forever.  So, it was important to Michelle that she bought a place that would not only be a smart investment, but was also somewhere that she could happily retire to.

“I built in Vasse because I love the community. It’s a nice beautiful place – not too busy and with a real community feel.”

“It’s so friendly that even though I don’t even live here, I can’t go to supermarket without someone saying ‘Hi Michelle’.  I love that, it’s just lovely. They either know me or they know the grandkid that I’m with.”

“I also love the book clubs, gardening clubs, walking groups, outdoor movies at night and picnics. I love walking and I love the beach.  In my retirement, I want to do walking clubs, I want to bush walk, I want do lawn bowls and I’m a keen gardener.  So all the community clubs and activities at Vasse really attracted me.” 

Complete Convenience

The self-confessed one-stop-shopper also loves the convenience of having everything you need in one place.  

“I have grandkids over there. They both now go to Cape Naturaliste College. From the place I bought, I could throw a stone and hit their school.  The kids can come to my place before mum and dad finish work.” 

“There’s also a really lovely shopping centre, that has everything you need. You don’t need to leave Vasse. I’m definitely the one-stop-shopper type of person.  I like to park once and get everything I need and go. Vasse has it all in one place, so you can just go and get it over and done with. “

Surrounded by green

The green space and natural bushland are also something that held strong appeal to Michelle.

“I have a bush park outside my front gate and a walking path at my back gate. No cars drive past, it’s just beautiful. I love all the parks here and I can’t wait to do all the bushwalks.”

Michelle will be moving over when she sells her business.  We look forward to seeing your friendly face into the community full time. 

Helping Interstate Buyers

If you’d like help to secure and set up an investment property in Vasse, call Hanson Property on 9755 8234.  Check out more information about investing in Vasse here

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