Introducing your Community Development Officer

We’d like to introduce you to Suzie Belbin who has taken over the role of Vasse Community Development Officer.

About the Community Development Officer role

The Community Development Officer role was created in 2018 to further strengthen and unite our wonderful Vasse community.

As part of the role, Suzie will continue to facilitate and coordinate community development programs, initiatives, events and groups. This includes things like:

  • Talking to residents to understand community wants and needs.
  • Managing and coordinating an annual community events and activities program.
  • Helping to develop relationships between people and groups to encourage community initiatives, events and programs.
  • Planning, developing, implementing and evaluating the community initiatives, programs and events.
  • Managing and coordinating the distribution of sponsorship funds to community groups.
  • Investigating and securing external funding through grants and sponsorship where possible.

Find out more information about Vasse Community and Community Grants here. Or download our community sponsorship application or community sponsorship guidelines here.

Can I get Community Development Assistance?

Absolutely! Suzie’s role is to help new and existing residents, businesses, community groups and schools in Vasse.

If you’ve got an exciting idea you’d like to see in Vasse, Suzie would love to hear from you.

About Suzie

Suzie has lived and worked in the South West for over 20 years, in a variety of roles and industries.

Contributing positively to the community has always been important to Suzie. Previously Suzie pursued this passion by volunteering and then turned her passion into a career after completing her Post Graduate studies in Community Development in 2019.

I feel privileged to be appointed as the Community Development Officer for Vasse.  I see my role as being the catalyst that can help the Community bring their ideas and passions alive. This will help to make Vasse a safe, accessible, happy, healthy and desirable place to live, work and play,” says Suzie.

“I’m looking forward to continuing the excellent programs and events already established and hope to connect with the community in new and exciting ways.”

Getting in touch with Suzie

If you’ve got a passion project, new idea or just want to keep in the know about upcoming initiatives, you can get in touch with Suzie via or 0428 591 196.

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