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The Vasse development is located in one of Western Australia's most beautiful environments, rich and diverse in nature’s assets from the pristine waters of Geographe Bay which are just over 1 kilometre away, to the surrounding national parks, forests and farm lands.

The Vasse development has embraced industry best practices for Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) and is the first development in the South West to receive EnviroDevelopment Certification for the development’s Community and Ecosystems sustainability initiatives.

Designed to deliver a healthy, connected and prosperous community, the Dawson Estate at Vasse achieved the Community Enviro Development Certification through design elements and building upon existing community partnerships. The abundant parks, easily accessible amenities, connected network of walk and cycle paths, educational facilities, community clubs and Village Centre are all part of the sustainable Dawson community, which provides a safe and economically prosperous environment that promotes active and healthy living.

The Ecosystem Certification acknowledges the measures implemented throughout the development to revegitate degraded areas, manage and improve the habitats of Western Ringtail Possums, create landscaping designs with a drainage function and encourage the habitation of local fauna through the use of native plantings in the public realm.

The following list is just a few aspects of sustainable development being undertaken at Vasse:

  • Street and lot layouts to enhance solar efficiency.
  • Employing labour and utilising materials from the local surrounds where ever possible.
  • Incorporating energy efficient Building and Design Guidelines.
  • Adopting waste management and efficiency methods throughout construction of the development and individual residences.
  • Incorporating a sustainable water supply for the abundance of public open space.
  • Demonstrating sustainable building and energy efficient products at sales and information points.
  • Using water wise urban planting throughout parks, reserves and verges.
  • Offering and encouraging water wise landscaping packages to homesite buyers.

For more information on EnviroDevelopment certification, please click here.